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Sketches, WIPs, memes, ask things, crafts...
#1 superstar by PsychoTwi
Practicing WoY by Paola18
.:PAIN:. by DarkwingSnark
Outfits--Sketches by DarkwingSnark
Stamps, buttons, avatars, ect.
Lord hater stamp by glovannas
Mature Art

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WoY: Easter Playboy by XxMoonlight-1-WishxX
Human, Gender Bender, ect.
My Fair Hatey redraws by CarassiusVigorous
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Greetings to all!:wave:

Our group is here, to be a tribute to one of the most funniest antagonists of cartoon villains know as Lord Hater from Disney's Wander Over Yonder!:iconlordhaterplz:

But beware! For this may be a group, but there are still rules! Unless you don't wish to dare trespass and disobey the orders... Please read these set of rules!:skull:


:bulletblack: You must be a Lord Hater fan or feature any artwork as long as he's in it!

:bulletred: You CANNOT upload any bases, traced works, or stolen works in this group. I do understand that not everyone has the best style, but it doesn't hurt to at least try using your own drawing style.

:bulletblack: You can upload DA muros, Iscribbles, WIPs, Sketches, tutorials, memes, and so on... As LONG as they're placed in the right folder.

:bulletred: Mature are is allowed as LONG as it's NOT porn and if it's in the right folder! I'm sorry guys, there are young deviants here since this show is aimed for kids and I don't mind mild mature themes since I separated the folders for that. Just please be aware that any type of pornography is found here, then I will decline the submission and report it. If this keeps up, I will I have to ban you from the group!

:bulletblack: You can feel free to post blood/gore and other macabre like pieces...(since Lord Hater himself seems to love tortureXD) as LONG as it's NOT hate art and if it's in the right folder! Any form of hate art of any character will lead to drama, immaturity, and stupidity at once and I won't tolerate that here.

:bulletred: Just like above, we will not tolerate any harassment on this group either! You don't have to agree with everyone else's opinions just as long as you respect them. And if I see any drama starting in this group, I will surely report you and ban you from this group!

:bulletblack: We do accept OCs aka Fan characters in this group because it's good to see creative alien species here!.:D However, please keep in mind I will not accept recolors. I'm sorry if I sound harsh, but I would love for this group to have more originality since I've seen so many recolors/bases in so many other groups I'm in.^^; And if you want your OCs/FCs to be submitted in this group... Please keep in mind that it HAS to have Lord Hater interacting with them.

:bulletred: Other canon characters in this show are allowed as long as Lord Hater is involved. Now the only acceptation I have that don't have to have Lord Hater are Commander Peepers and The Watchdogs since they are part of his army.

:bulletblack: We also accept all kinds of shipping whether it's Yaoi, Hetero, or Hater X OCs because shipping is all for the fun. Just please do NOT go overboard and bash other shippings for it. Even though there's rarely shipping wars in this show since this show mainly focuses on Comedy, it still be nice to respect pairings no matter what. I'm not so much of a slash/yaoi fan myself, but I know so much talented people in this community are into it and make such cute shipping art of them. So yeah, I'm allowing it since it would be nice to welcome more artists be part of the group.:)

:bulletred: We also accept Fanfics, projects, artisan crafts, and animation here since it's also part of art.:3

:bulletblack: And last but not least.... PLEASE REMEMBER TO SUBMIT IN THE RIGHT FOLDER!!!!

If you have any other questions about this group, please note or contact us here.:) We will be glad to assist you with this awesome group!:D

Thank you all for reading!:skull:

:skull: :blackrose: XxMoonlight-1-WishxX :blackrose: :skull:



Newest Members



First of all, sorry for my inactivity, been very busy with college and important things. Also, sorry if the join requests are closed, we had a hacker hacking into groups lately so I had to close join requests to protect the group from that situation.

Anyways, I'm not sure if anyone in the fandom is aware of this..... But Craig confirmed that Wander Over Yonder is not going to have any more seasons after season 2.

And it wasn't even because of the ratings either! Truth be told, their ratings were pretty decent and The My Fair Hatey had to be their one episode that went viral on the web with positive feedback and brought a new crowd of people in the fanbase.

But what is it being cancelled if the ratings aren't the issue you ask?  Well, the truth to be told can be seen in Crag McCracken's tumblr account right here.…
According to Craig, the quotes were the reason why it got cancelled.

"Unfortunately, the higher up bosses of bosses of bosses at Disney decided not to continue with the show. It’s not that they didn’t like Wander, they just felt that 2 seasons and 80 cartoons was enough and they didn’t see the need to produce any more. For the record, this decision had nothing to do with the ratings performance of S2. Truth be told, we were informed that we wouldn’t be continuing before S2 even premiered...."</i>

Just because Disney thought 2 seasons was enough and 80s episodes were enough?! And this was all planned even before Craig made season 2, I cannot describe how very scummish that was on Disney's move. It's like, they were promoting this show poorly on purpose so they can end it.

Alex Hirsch had an excuse to end Gravity Falls at least simply because he wanted to. But not Craig, heck he planned out a season 3 for a lot of us and even wrote down backstories and helped prepared this. Wander Over Yonder was very different from his other two shows simply because he was making this his first series with a plot and story arc, but Disney laid him off like that!

That's why we are doing our best to help give this show another season and to write letters to the writers of why this show needs to continue.

These are the addresses you can mail to Disney to ask them for a new season.

Gary Marsh
3800 W. Alameda ave.
Burbank, CA 91505

Disney XD
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

Disney XD
Brookfield Place
181 Bay Street, PO Box 787
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 2T3

Or contact Gary Marsh on his email

However, be nice, polite, and respectful if you guys want a new season.</i>

Here's the petition to help give this show a new season as well.…

Check out this site for more info

Also, stay strong guys... Be positive and don't give up.

Or to quote what Wander says "It never hurts to help!"

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